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he could not recall the date that his son died.

In the report, Hur noted that if Biden was forced to testify in court regarding his handling of the classified materials, he could defend himself by appealing to jurors as a “wellmeaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Now House Republicans have filed suit demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland release the recording of Biden’s interview with Hur.

Even if the president and his party own up and accept that the responsible thing to do is for him to step aside, replacing him with another nominee at this point is no simple thing.

But picking a replacement for Biden is not a matter of changing course in policy.

In the Republican Party, basic principles are shared by most, but there are serious differences among Republicans on many specific issues of policy. But this is not the case among Democrats. Among Democrats, there is uniformity, with most being on the same page on most major policy issues.

Democrats all want to continue spending money and burying the nation deeper in debt, as if this doesn’t matter and can go on forever. They are all signed off on the woke worldview of race and sexual identity politics. They are all weak on strong border policy and strict rules for new immigrants. Few Democrats are committed to making the necessary increases in our defense budget to restore the strength of our military. And they practically all are indifferent to the sanctity of life of the unborn.

So, from a policy view, which Democrat runs does not have much practical import.

But what does have import is having a president sitting in the Oval Office for show, when others are really running things.

And that our enemies see weakness and confusion in the leadership in America.

It’s why since Joe Biden assumed the presidency the world has become a much more dangerous and unstable place.

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