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2 Men Lead Multi- County Chase

By Makaylee Randolph Staff Writer

Two suspects accused of smuggling contraband, stealing several vehicles, and evading law enforcement were recently captured in Twiggs County, after a pursuit that traveled throughout the Southeast on February 7.

Upon investigation, officials determined that the suspects had attempted to drop contraband at the Wheeler County jail while driving a stolen vehicle from Bibb County. Wheeler County law enforcement officers witnessed the attempt, and chased the vehicle until it crashed; yet, the men fled on foot and were able to steal another vehicle in Mount Vernon.

The suspects drove the second stolen vehicle to a gas station in Vidalia, where they abandoned the second stolen vehicle, then stole the F-150, which they were traveling in upon their capture. continued from page

According to Vidalia Police Chief James Jermon, the City’s flock cameras recorded the men in the stolen truck, allowing the Vidalia Police Department to provide all surrounding areas with a description of the vehicle.

According to authorities, an additional Be On the Lookout (BOLO) was issued to law enforcement by the Alamo Police Department on February 7, as officers were in pursuit of a stolen Ford F-150 pickup truck that had last been seen traveling west on Highway 80 in Allentown.

Deputies were able to intercept the vehicle as it passed other vehicles in a no-passing zone along a hillcrest near the intersection of Highway 80 and Highway 358 in Danville, and began a high-speed pursuit. Officers attempted to complete a traffic stop, but the vehicle’s driver, Tyshaun Scott, of Macon, fled the scene, forcing deputies to perform a Precision Immobilization Technique, or PIT maneuver at Hwy 80 and James Brown Road.

The maneuver caused the vehicle to wreck and significantly injured Scott, who was taken by ambulance to a Macon hospital. Yet, the stolen vehicle’s passenger, Dorian Rumph, of Macon, fled on scene on foot and led officials through a four-hour manhunt prior to his capture. He was placed in custody in Twiggs County.

Additional agencies involved in the pursuit include Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit, Twiggs County Deputies, Jeffersonville Police Department, Georgia State Patrol Aviation, Georgia State Patrol Troopers, Georgia Department of Corrections, and Georgia Department of Corrections K-9 officers.

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