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MoCo Superintendent Resigns

The Montgomery County School System is currently accepting applications for a new superintendent, after current Superintendent Stan Rentz announced his resignation at the regular meeting of the Board of Education on Tuesday, January 16.

Rentz read the board a letter sharing his fondness of his time within the school system, which he had written in preparation for the announcement. The letter read: “Dear Chairman [Henry] Price and the members of the Montgomery County Board of Education, After much thought, prayer, preparation, and conversation with my family, I’ve made the decision to submit my resigna- continued from page

tion as superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, effective at the end of the current school year. I’ve always prayed for wisdom to know when it is time to move on to another chapter in my life, and that is time is upon us.

It has been my pleasure to serve with each of you – this board has accomplished so much in little time and I’m honored to be a part of that. There is still much work that needs to be done, and it is my sincere desire to leave Montgomery County Schools better than I found it. Although I will not return next year, I am committed to serving Montgomery County Schools to the best of my ability for my time that remains.

I thank you all for the confidence you’ve placed in me, and I will carry with me many fond memories of you all and this school system.” The Board accepted the resignation on an unanimous vote, and Board Chairman Henry Price turned to address the resigning superintendent.

“We’ve appreciated you coming out of retirement and helping us,” he began. “One of the things I have thought of and fondly remember is that you were working on [building] a house when you came here, and that’s kind of the same thing that happened when [former superintendent] Hugh Kight was doing when he came to us – he was working on a house. So, I guess we need to find another person working on a house to help us for the next few years.”

He continued, “You will be greatly missed, and we appreciate your leadership for us. This has been a great Board – I think we have worked really well together. One of the things which I want to tell you is from Coach Kirby Smart – he calls it the Cost of Leadership. [Smart said,] ‘You will have to make hard decisions that negatively affect people you care about. You will be disliked despite your best attempts to do the best for the most. You will be misunderstood and won’t always have the opportunity to defend yourself.’” “You have have had those things happen here at Montgomery County, and you have shown great leadership throughout it all,” Price emphasized. “I know several times when you would have liked to go away, but we appreciate you staying with us.”

Upon accepting the resignation, the Board has opened up the application process for new superintendents. Those interested should visit the Montgomery County Board of Education website to find direct application instructions, and all applications should be submitted to Board of Education Attorney Daniel O’Connor.

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