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2024 Is Different

2024 Is Different
By Joe Phillips Dear Me
2024 Is Different
By Joe Phillips Dear Me

What's different? In notes to you this time of year, I've shared what I expected in the coming year. It is usually optimistic because regardless of what pundits say, I'm moderated by a hope that it could not possibly get that bad. I'm not so sure.

In every area of measure, we are less “well off.” Things have not gotten better. We're vulnerable.

It is likely that people in power don't know what the rest of us know. How often does a Senator's wife shop at a grocery store or pump her own gas?

I believe national politicians do not know what they do not know.

My top concern is the unrestrained flood of people coming across our porous borders.

According to numbers released by Customs and Border Protection, the number of “migrants” crossing the southern border equals one or more army divisions at one point every day? A “division” is roughly three to five brigades or 10-15 thousand.

According to the CBP's own figures, their “total encounters along the southwest border in November was 242, 418.” That is like having the city of Boise, ID, come through in a month.

“USA TODAY” reported that more than 28 million illegal migrants had encounters with authorities so far this year,” as of October.

Then there are the “got-aways” seen on cameras or chased but not caught. They number in the hundreds of thousands, enough to field a couple of Armies.

Last night the national news showed a sea of people moving north through Mexico. They are predominately single men of military age.

Who feeds those people? Who organizes and directs them? Do they have medical teams?

Those who want to see our country dissolve enjoy a situation they could not have dreamed of. The opportunities our enemies have at this time is generational in nature. The invasion is in progress: We know about it and lack the will to stop it.

When questioned, members of the administration say “The border is secure.” It is an odd kind of security. Illegal drugs pour through the border, with 73,654 Americans killed by Fentanyl last year.

“Law and Order” is relative. Starting with the fiery “peaceful riots” of 2020, America saw criminal behavior sanctified as freedom of expression. I am not aware of anyone convicted of looting, arson, destroying property or assault on police officers.

Today, mobs assault stores and just dissolve away with all they can carry.

It is easy to see how young people learn that they can get away with anything.

Because they do.

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