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Teen Celebrates

Season of Giving
Teen Celebrates
ANNUAL TRADITION – Every Christmas season, Kylin Miller collects toys, clothes, pillows, bedding, and more to provide several local high school girls in need and their families with Christmas presents.
Teen Celebrates
ANNUAL TRADITION – Every Christmas season, Kylin Miller collects toys, clothes, pillows, bedding, and more to provide several local high school girls in need and their families with Christmas presents.

For several years now, 17-year-old Kylin Miller has used the Christmas season to give joy to others. Her program, “A Girl’s Confident Christmas,” ensures that several teenage girls in need and their families receive Christmas gifts every December 25.

Miller has grown up valuing community service and giving back, as she developed her pageant platform, “Made of Lightning – A Girl’s Confidence Code.” This focused on helping to ensure that middle and high school girls build confidence in themselves. “A pageant platform is a cause for which you use your events as an opportunity to spread awareness,” she stated. “I’ve struggled a lot with confidence throughout the years, so naturally, a platform helping others to become confident was re- continued from page

ally important to me.” Outside of the platform, she worked previously with an organization that provided Christmas gifts for local children in need, but when that charity dissolved, she found herself looking for new operations to give to others during the Christmas season. “I was fortunate enough to see the impact that work was making in my community during that experience,” she explained. “The charity I was helping with only donated to kids up to 8th grade, and that just did not sit well with me. I knew I could have an impact on our local high school students, just like we were having on middle and elementary school kids. I sat my mom down to talk with her about our options, and we came up with ‘A Girl’s Confident Christmas.’ ” She continued, “My platform, ‘Made Of Lightning,’ teaches girls to be confident in who they are. I struggled with bullying all throughout school, so I know and understand the impact that words may have on someone. And that is why I created my platform to help girls understand that they are fearfully and wonderfully made just the way they are. ‘A Girl’s Confident Christmas’ was created in hopes that each girl who is chosen will in return find some bit of confidence within themselves knowing that they were able to help their family receive Christmas gifts.”

To determine which girls to provide Christmas, Miller partners with local high school counselors, who help put her in connection with the families they think are deserving of this extra help. Each selected girl and their siblings fill out forms detailing their Christmas wishes, needs, and other information. That information is then compiled into a list, which Miller publicizes in hopes to help gather all of the gifts for the families.

“Normally, we provide 10 girls and their families with Christmas, but unfortunately, we only had seven that were able to provide the needed information. Thus, this year, we have seven girls with 14 siblings, totaling 21 kids – yet, in the past, we’ve had up to 36 people!” Miller emphasized.

According to Miller, fulfilling these Christmas lists is only possible through help from the community, which is usually equally as generous to the cause. “I thankfully live in a small town where everyone likes to give to others. Every time I have asked a business to donate, they are so excited to help! I am surrounded by amazing people who jump to support any cause, no matter what I have going on,” she remarked. Donations are accepted, but Miller said that any bit of kindness is valued. When asked how people may help, she replied, “Any way that they are able too. Of course, your donations are greatly appreciated; but if you are not financially able to donate, we understand and merely ask that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and share the list and link on Facebook.”

Items included on the Christmas lists are two laptops, a kid's piano, a kid’s bag of sports balls, two makeup brush sets, two makeup kits, a pink lamp, a book bag, fuzzy socks, remote control car, kung fu suit/costume, baby doll set, remote control car, and more. For the complete list, or to set up donations, contact Miller by email at

All monetary donations will be used to buy basic items for everyday use for the families, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bars of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, blankets, and more.

“I am so thankful to be able to do this every year,” she concluded. “It can be stressful at times but I’m so grateful that the Lord has placed the tools I need in front of me to be able to continue to give to girls and families within our local community every year.”

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