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Four Arrested In Theft Ring

Four Arrested In Theft Ring
Extavious Hill
Four Arrested In Theft Ring
Extavious Hill

Courtesy of the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office

The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested four individuals who they suspect have been breaking into vehicles since December 2022.

Last December, several automobiles were broken into in Johnson Corner and New Branch. Authorities investigated the incident and found several persons of interest, but did not have enough evidence to make an arrest.

Later, in June 2023, several more incidents of vehicles being broken into in the Norman- continued from page

town, Johnson Corner, and New Branch communities. Again, investigators probed the situation, and believed the same suspects were responsible for these thefts that were responsible for the incidents in December 2022, as during both breakins, the same types of items were missing – multiple firearms, credit cards, cash, and several miscellaneous items.

Suspects were identified, and finally, enough evidence was gathered to make the arrests. This month, four individuals were charged with the crimes – Peyton Carroll, 23, of Tarrytown; Extavious Hill, 20, of Vidalia; Airielle Gomez, 17, of Vidalia; and Ireland Gomez, 21, of Vidalia. Carroll and Hill each face 18 counts of Entering an Auto, while each Gomez faces 2 counts of the same charge.

The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office shared their gratitude to all deputies and investigators who worked tirelessly and diligently to bring these offenders to justice. The Office also wants to use this opportunity to remind citizens not to keep valuables in their vehicles, and to lock all vehicles when unoccupied.

Ireland Gomez

Airielle Gomez

Peyton Carroll

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