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picking a speaker shows a party that is divided on important issues, and this is not a good thing. If there is disappointment regarding Republican performance in recent elections, this is the reason, not party bureaucracy.

It is clear what is wrong with the Democrats. The American people are looking for alternative answers on our big problems, and Republicans must provide a clear other voice.

How will the massive expansion of government, which translates into huge debt, huge spending and slow growth, be fixed? How will our broken entitlement systems — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid — that consume some two-thirds of our federal spending, be fixed?

What is our nation’s place as leader in the free world? And how will we revitalize our deteriorated defense and military capability?

How will we restore our lost moral clarity and deal with abortion, marriage, family and children? The latest Census Bureau projection showing a shrinking and aging country does not portray a nation with a future.

The Republican candidate that chooses to courageously and honestly answer these questions can capture hearts and minds of American voters.

Meanwhile, civility will help. It is worth remembering Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

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