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Food Lion Remodeling

Dear Editor, You may have noticed the local Food Lion has undergone a bit of remodeling. One of the biggest features of this project was the huge self service check out.

Of course, when a store opens such a feature they close as many other registers as possible to better train their customers. I’ve observed that it doesn’t seem to be working all that well. I’m proud to see folks waiting in the single line rather than check themselves out.

In the past, this store has been well known for its excellent customer service and reliably friendly associates. While the associates are still friendly and helpful, the mood of the store has changed. This seems to be the new retail model, and why not? Why not employ as few people as possible?

Self service registers never complain, call in sick, have family occurrences that require them to miss work, and above all they don’t expect to be paid wages or benefits. Neither do they shop, or participate in the economy in any way. They do however threaten the livelihood of retail workers. Self service checkout aisles are a reality that will likely not go away, but I see them as a threat. W.L. Adams 715 Laurel Dr., Vidalia

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