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Dreams have long captivated the human imagination. As we slumber, our minds venture into a place best described as the Twilight Zone — a place that defies logical constraints. Researchers believe these nocturnal odysseys consolidate and analyze memories and thoughts. Physiologically, dreaming occurs during a period of sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement), which all humans cycle through periodically during the night. Indeed, our brain waves are almost as active during sleeping REM cycles as they are while we are awake! And another interesting fact — our brains conjure up around five dreams each night, though a lot of people don’t remember their dreams and visions.

When I was a little girl, my Grandmother Lanier (Maggie Mae Lanier of Metter) had a wellread book that interpreted dreams. I was as fascinated by the weird explanations her book offered as I was reading my daily horoscope in the newspaper. So what do the experts say my flying dream means? Well, it could represent a sense of liberation, breaking free from limitations or experiencing a newfound sense of independence. I don’t think that applies to me or my life today, but who knows? Maybe my dreams know something I don’t.

What I do know is this: Dreams often leave me bewildered, amused and even a bit shaken. In the curious domain of sleep, as I dreamed of using my body as a vessel of flight, the laws of physics and rational behavior didn’t apply, and it was as fun as a carnival ride. I hope to go flying again real soon.

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