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Local Rescues Host Free Animal Crimes and Cases Training

Lucky Dog Rescue Ranch of Uvalda and The Rescue Ranch of McRae-Helena will host a free Animal Crimes and Cases Training event for law enforcement, judges, animal control officers, veterinarians, vet techs, and animal shelter and rescue operations on Wednesday, September 20, at the Briscoe Center at Brewton Parker College in Mount Vernon.

This event will feature several speakers, including Animal Law Expert and Attorney Claudine Wilkins, The Rescue Ranch President and Founder Barbara Bruigom, and a representative from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Topics discussed will include Animal Cruelty and Neglect, Georgia Department of Agriculture Involvement in Animals, Rural Reality, Investigating Animal Cruelty, Public Safety – Dangerous Dog Cases, and a Legislative Update. The event will conclude with a question and answer segment with a panel of experts.

Lucky Dog Rescue Ranch Founder Julie Driscoll commented on the event. “In the rural areas of Georgia, there are too many counties with no ordinances, no animal controls, and just basic training for law-enforcement when it comes to the animal community,” she explained. “Courses like this are valuable to show the numerous situations and problems that arise from conditions like this. There are backyard breeders with animals not kept properly. There are rescues that get too overloaded. Where there are drugs, there is gambling, dog fighting, human trafficking that all tie together.”

She also elaborated on the law enforcement training portion of the event, which will provide officers with 7 P.O.S.T. certified credit hours. “This animal law enforcement training will also give law enforcement the knowledge and tools to investigate and successfully prosecute animal cruelty and fighting crimes, as well as applicable state laws,” she added.

The training will be held from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., and will provide attendees with breakfast, a snack, and lunch. Individuals interested in the event may register prior to the event by emailing Luckydogrescueranch@, or by calling Driscoll at (297) 739-9002.

“So courses like this are very important not just for law-enforcement, but for District Attorneys, Assistant District Attorneys, City Council members, and county commissioners, so that all of us can work together [for the good of the animals],” Driscoll emphasized. “We are hoping for strong turn out and support with registration and attendance from our surrounding communities law enforcement, city council, county commissioners, veterinarians, district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, animal control, rescues, and shelters.”

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