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band and I thought of him fondly as we watched an Animal Planet show called, “Whale Wars,” chronicling the mission of Sea Shepherds, as they tried to prevent endangered whales from being slaughtered by the Japanese. One of the anti-whaling vessels on the show was the “Bob Barker,” named for the celebrity host with the big, animal-loving heart. Barker had donated millions to the mission, and as a thank you, Sea Shepherds named their ship after him. They retired the ship last year.

And Bob had a sense of humor. My husband and I always chuckle when we see the scene in the movie, “Happy Gilmore,” when Bob Barker delivers a brutal beatdown to hockey- player- turnedgolfer Happy Gilmore during a tournament. Adam Sandler, who played Happy Gilmore in the 1997 movie, posted on his social media account, “The man. The myth. The best … Loved him kicking the crap out of me.”

After his death, as the world began celebrating Bob’s life and achievements, I learned that he was part Lakota and had spent his childhood living and going to school on an Indian reservation (the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota). A fan posted, “Please join me in wishing him a blessed journey to the land of souls.”

So with me, please raise your glass to Bob Barker, the man who taught us that life is all about dressing well, showing up with a smile, a little friendly competition and getting things right — whether it’s the price of a new car or a worthy cause. May he rest peacefully in the afterlife amid a thousand loving puppies and kittens, and may we all remember his life and be better humans from his example.

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