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Positive MHMH Experience

TO THE EDITOR: There are many fine people and facilities in Toombs County. We are especially fortunate to have a rural hospital filled with patient-centered doctors, nurses, food service, and custodial staffs.

I have visited friends and family who were patients at Memorial Health Meadows Hospital. However, I have never been a patient at the hospital until recently. I experienced the full gamut of services from being in the emergency room to being admitted as a patient. The service in the emergency room was immediate, caring, and comforting.

As I was in the hospital for a week, I met patient-centered doctors, nurses and staff members. Each person did their job with professionalism and a sincere desire to help my health improve. Their heart was in their work. Each team player from Doctors Featherston and Sinha, the nursing staff, the food services staff, and custodial staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

I learned that the nurses and staff come from the surrounding area including from as far away as Statesboro. Our hospital provides a wonderful employment opportunity for the area.

Based upon my experience, I would like to recognize the dedication and professionalism of all the employees of Memorial Health Meadows Hospital. When so many rural hospitals are closing, we are so fortunate to have a patient-centered hospital in Toombs County. I send a huge thank you to everyone who helped my health improve! Gratefully, Marlene Tomlin

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