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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Julio Rosas, Senior Writer for Townhall: Tucker Carlson explains why transgender ideology and Christianity are incompatible.

Trans ideology claims dominion over nature itself. We can change the identity they are born with, they will tell you with wild eyed certainty. Christians can never agree with this statement because these are powers they believe God alone possesses. That unwillingness to agree, that failure to acknowledge a trans person’s dominion over nature, incites and enrages some in the trans community, people who believe they are God can’t stand to be reminded that they are not,' Carlson continued.

Liz Peek, Fox News contributor and political commentator: The spin cycle is on maximum at the NYT with this piece about the Nashville shooting.

The LGBT community was never enslaved or asked to sit at separate booths or ride in the back of the bus. The Klan and other white nationalist groups and rifle clubs never hunted them during Reconstruction. There are resources and support groups to help LGBT youth cope with the numerous nuanced issues that arise from those coming out. The point is that we all have issues; everyone has problems. That doesn’t give anyone the right to kill people.

Stephen Moore, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and an economist: Honey, Biden just shrunk our pension.

But this new fad of ESG investing is entirely different and more nefarious. ESG stands for environmental and social justice governance. The idea is to promote racial equality, save the planet from climate change, and advance gay rights and a whole host of other related trendy and mostly left-wing causes.

ESG investing is perfectly appropriate when the investors are making their own decisions with their own money on where and what to invest in. But the scandal arises when fund managers that make investment decisions with other people's savings, or pension plans start injecting their own political biases into the investment portfolios and choose company stocks they should or shouldn't buy.

Brad covers politics and the business side of the Hollywood industry: The Reality of a trans school shooter has journalists shaming themselves as unreal explanations backfire.

And then the record-scratch moment arrived just as quickly: They learned the shooter was a trans individual.

… Just like that, the news reports were altered on the fly, and in the process, the media members began embarrassing themselves with all manner of unhinged commentary. This was a new development, and as a result, it required new narratives to be delivered in real time.

The first indicator that things would be addressed in a completely ludicrous fashion was … the proper way to label the killer of half a dozen people.

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