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Williamson Voted to 4-H Junior District Board

Williamson Voted to 4-H Junior District Board
SOUTHEAST JUNIOR BOARD MEMBER - Montgomery County Eagle Academy 8th Grader Hartley Williamson will now represent the area on the Southeast District Junior Board of Directors after her electionand installment during the DPA event.
Williamson Voted to 4-H Junior District Board
SOUTHEAST JUNIOR BOARD MEMBER - Montgomery County Eagle Academy 8th Grader Hartley Williamson will now represent the area on the Southeast District Junior Board of Directors after her electionand installment during the DPA event.

Eighth grade Eagle Academy student Hartley Williamson became one of only two students in Montgomery County 4-H’s history to be elected to the Southeast District Junior Board of Directors at the recent 4-H District Project Achievement (DPA) Event held on February 3-5 at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center.

The election process consisted of an application, teacher recommendation, campaign speech, and time of voting. Williamson presented a speech to Southeast District’s junior voting delegates on Friday night, and used her spare time throughout the day on Friday and Saturday to meet and talk with voting delegates. Voting was conducted on Saturday afternoon, and results were announced during Saturday night’s awards assembly, during which Hartley was introduced and installed as a member of the Southeast District Junior Board.

“It feels really good to be on the Junior Board. It feels very important, and I hope to help the Board do great things,” Williamson emphasized. “I decided to run for Junior Board because it was something new and out of my comfort zone, but also a great opportunity. I took the chance, and it paid off.”

According to Williamson, she was convinced to run for Junior Board by her leaders and grandmother, Joyce Allen, who volunteers extensively with the group. She said the campaign process was very tedious, as she was the only person who could promote herself, and no social media campaigning was allowed. I had to talk to a lot of people I didn’t know to help get my name out there. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too,” she explained.

Williamson shared her 4-H

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gratitude to a number of people, ranging from her family and friends to her Montgomery 4-H leaders. “I want to thank my Nana [Joyce Allen], Mrs. Julie [Waller], Mrs. [Lauren] Stanley, Mrs. Leanna [Connell] and Mrs. Debbie [Thigpen] for their support and all they do for the Montgomery County 4-H. Thank you to everyone who went to DPA with Montgomery County and encouraged me, and to Mama [Beth Williamson], Daddy {Allen Williamson], Bray [Williamson], Rhett [Williamson}, and my best friend Karmin [ Johnson} for always helping me to be my best and encouraging me,” she concluded.

DPA Competition

A total of 14 Montgomery County 4-H members and 5 adult leaders attended the DPA event, where students prepared a presentation, speech, and portfolio on a topic/category of their choice, and were judged on their presentation skills and style, subject knowledge, and portfolio content.

Abigail Brinson, Jonas Carpenter, Morgan Connell, Tehilla James, Maecon Lynn, Madison Sexton, and Hartley Williamson competed in the Junior Division, which is composed of grades 7 and 8. Several juniors brought home medals for their accomplishments in their respective categories. Results were: Morgan Connell – 2nd Place, 7th Grade, Crafts Madison Sexton – 2nd Place, 8th Grade, Performing Arts Instrumental Maecon Lynn – 3rd Place, 8th Grade, Performing Arts Instrumental Jonas Carpenter – 3rd Place, 8th Grade, Performing Arts Vocal Hartley Williamson –1st Place, 7th Grade, Textiles, Merchandising, and Interior Design Tehilla James, Honorable Mention, 8th Grade, Performing Arts Vocal Abigail Brinson, Honorable Mention, 8th

Grade, Team Sports Competing in the Senior Division, composed of grades 9 through 12, were Alex Autry, Jada Autry, Max Barrow, Shanty DeLeon, Jocelyn Sanchez, Selena Ramirez, and Bray Williamson. The seniors represented Montgomery County well, and had several placements. The results were: Jocelyn Sanchez – 3rd Place, Food for Health and Sport Max Barrow – 3rd Place, General Recreation Alex Autry – 2nd Place, Human Development Jada Autry – Honorable Mention, Health Shanty DeLeon – Honorable Mention, Sports Bray Williamson – Honorable Mention, Wildlife and Marine Science Selena Ramirez – Honorable Mention, Workforce Preparation & Career Development Graduating seniors Shanty Deleon, Jocelyn Sanchez, and Selena Ramirez were also honored at the graduating senior reception and received 4-H graduation cords and a small gift.

Other Awards

Outstanding County


Montgomery County 4-H/ANR Agent Lauren Stanley, 4-H Program Assistant Julie Waller, and adult volunteers Joyce Allen, Evelyn Carpenter, and Debbie Thigpen accompanied Montgomery County 4-H members.

Allen received recognition during Saturday night’s awards assembly as an Outstanding County Volunteer for contributing her time and resources to promote, strengthen, and grow 4-H programming.

“I was very surprised to hear my name called [for the award],” Allen shared. “The kids from Montgomery County had been told I had won the award, and they were so sweet to cheer me up to the stage.”

She continued to speak on her experience volunteering with the group after her retirement from teaching. “I have said for many years that when I retired, I wanted to volunteer with 4-H, and the Montgomery County 4-H staff has been sweet enough to allow me to become involved. 4-H is an organization that is open to all young people and gives them an opportunity to learn and practice many important skills. I encourage any adult that has some time to volunteer with a program that involves kids – you will get as much out of volunteering as the students may gain from you,” she said.

County Awards

The Montgomery County 4-H program also received two county awards during Sunday morning’s awards assembly – 3rd Place for Greatest Improvement in DPA Participation, and 1st Place for Highest Percentage of Winners.


Waller remarked, “District Project Achievement is about students trying new things, breaking free from their comfort zones, and learning how to become great leaders. We are so proud of our 4-H’ers and program for all of their accomplishments this weekend. We are also thankful for our volunteers, who are the backbone of our program. We wouldn’t be able to do all that we do without them. We’re already looking forward to next year!”

Stanley added, “DPA is a great way for our students to develop necessary skills that will serve them well as they finish school and move into their future careers. I am so proud of our 4-H’ers’ performance this weekend and admire that they’re already looking for ways to improve their presentations and portfolios for next year’s competition. We are so thankful for our wonderful adult leaders and volunteers who made this weekend possible.”

Georgia 4-H empowers youth to become true leaders by developing necessary life skills, positive relationships, and community awareness. As the largest youth leadership organization in the state, 4-H reaches more than 225,000 people annually through University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offices and 4-H facilities. For more information about Georgia 4-H, contact your local UGA Extension office or visit

PARTICIPANTS AND VOLUNTEERS- Fourteen Montgomery County 4-Hers and five adult volunteers traveled to the Rock Eagle 4-H Center for the event. Front row, L to R: Madison Sexton, Tehilla James, Abigail Brinson, Morgan Connell. Back row, L to R: Volunteer Joyce Allen, Alex Autry, Maecon Lynn, Jocelyn Sanchez, Selena Ramirez, Max Barrow, Volunteer Evelyn Carpenter, Hartley Williamson, Volunteer Debbie Thigpen, Bray Williamson, Shanty DeLeon, Jonas Carpenter. Not pictured: Montgomery County 4-H/ANR Agent Lauren Stanley and 4-H Program Assistant Julie Waller.

GRADUATING SENIORS – Three graduating seniors from Montgomery County High School were given their 4-H graduation cords at the Southeast District Project Achievement Event at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center on February 3-5. L to R: Montgomery County 4-H/ANR Agent Lauren Stanley, Jocelyn Sanchez, Shanty DeLeon, Selena Ramirez, 4-H Program Assistant Julie Waller.

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH — Toombs County Middle School has announced its January Student of the Month award recipients. These students are recognized for showing exemplary grades, attendance, and citizenship. (L to R): First Row: Zoey Eads, Jaqueline Aparicio, Mayrin Tinoco-Maldonado, Second Row: Lynzie Dasher, Jimena Arias, Dorothy Walker, Third Row: Palmer Davis, Logan Page, Tyson Hart, Fourth Row: Christian Avila, Trey-Shon Kent, and Riley Kersey.

OUTSTANDING COUNTY VOLUNTEER AWARD – Adult Volunteer Joyce Allen (right) received the Outstanding County Volunteer Award from Interim Southeast District Director Arch Smith (left) during the Saturday night session of DPA.

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