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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Justin Haskins, executive editor and a research fellow at The Heartland Institute, editor-in-chief of, and author: Biden’s endless student loan scheme isn’t just horrible policy, it’s illegal.

It seems that for every part of Biden’s payment pause to be legal, the administration would have to successfully argue, for example, that a government employee earning a six-figure salary who did not lose his or her employment during the pandemic and has since moved three years closer to total student loan forgiveness under PSLF [Public Service Loan Forgiveness] is today enduring a 'direct economic hardship' related to the Coronavirus pandemic. If you believe that’s possible, I have a nice little bridge in Brooklyn that I’d be happy to sell you.

The seemingly never-ending payment 'pause' isn’t just bad policy. It’s likely illegal, it’s just vote buying.

Lauren DeBellis Appell, former lobbyist and communications aide on Capitol Hill and political commentator: Calling all moms, it's time to teach our daughters corporations don’t get to decide their identity as women.

In fact, earlier this year Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, in her confirmation hearing, was asked what a woman is, and she refused to answer the question saying she’s not a biologist.

Well, unlike Justice Jackson, most women are not interested in playing by these new woke culture rules that seek to erase, redefine, rewrite and reset what a woman is and what femininity looks like. We’ve spent years defining ourselves, and we have no interest in listening to corporate America and popular culture dictate the terms of our identity.

We need to teach our daughters that their identity as women is not negotiable, it’s unique and special, and it should be embraced — not erased.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Gutfeld! and cohost of The Five: This is a 'mass media carjacking'.

But it's all because a narrow group of people sharing the same views took control of all the narratives. First, it was in the arts, then it was the colleges, then it was the media. And now it's the social media platforms. It's a mass media carjacking.

And now Musk is pointing it out. That's all he's doing. That when you reject the diversity of ideas, you end up with censorship and shadowbanning. That's why nearly all who were let back on Twitter were from the right and not the left. Because according to the people running Twitter, there was nothing from the left that actually posed a threat. Well, tell that to Epstein.

That's why Musk isn't arguing for new policy. He understands freedom of speech. It's only perverted when you keep those who disagree with your ideas out of the discussion. It's like saying, 'Hey, I'm all for desegregation as long as you keep those brown people off my property.' But enough about Martha's Vineyard.

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