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TCHS Esports Undefeated

Courtesy of TCHS

The Toombs County High School Bulldog Esports team finished the Fall 2022 Splatoon 3 Regular Season unbeaten at 8-0 with a 3-1 win over the Northview Titans on Tuesday. The Bulldogs now go into the PlayVS Georgia League Playoffs as the #1 seat for the first time in program history.

Tuesday’s match against the Titans started rough for the Bulldogs as they fell in the first round 45.7% to 42.9% of the coverable area in the turf war battle. Tyler James led the Bulldogs with eight splats and three specials.

The Bulldogs recovered in the second round of the match by a score of 9972 in Rainmaker. James once again led the Bulldogs with 15 splats and 5 specials.

Toombs County also won Splat Zones in round 2 by knockout. Gabrial Smith led the Bulldogs with 10 splats and two specials. Adam Copeland also made a significant impact with nine splats and two specials.

The Bulldogs delivered the knockout punch with a 74-63 Tower Control win over the Titans in round four. Christian Castro led the Bulldogs with 15 splats and five specials.

Coach Tyler Corley said, “We are very excited to go into the playoffs as the #1 Splatoon 3 team in Georgia. I am proud of all that our team has accomplished in the regular season, and I look forward to competing for our program’s first championship after Thanksgiving Break.”

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