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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Just because Biden has no gas in the tank doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t.

Kellyanne Conway Rajan Laad, writer for American Thinker: The case for Herschel Walker.

Like most Democrats contesting in the midterms, Warnock isn’t talking much about Biden on the campaign trail owing to Joe’s unprecedented unpopularity. But Warnock is a staunch ally of Biden or perhaps more accurately, he supports all that Biden’s handlers stand for.

The voters in Georgia must understand that this isn’t a contest about past personal behavior that hasn't been proven, it is about the future of the nation.

Warnock's voting record makes him culpable for the hardships that have occurred due to Biden's misgovernance.

It is perfectly obvious that the Democrats are focusing on the personal life of Herschel and perhaps even concocting allegations because they cannot defend their abominable record of misgovernance.

John Nantz, retired FBI Special Agent: Psaki buries her knife in Biden’s back.

The nice thing about professional Democrats is you can always count on them to respond to self-interest. Psaki, as are most other Democrats, is fleeing like a greasy rat from a sinking ship. Republicans just need to clip a few pages from the Trump playbook and man-up, take a stand, and pit themselves against the entrenched deep state — for a change.

Paul Krause, editor of VoegelinView, and author: The Collectivist War on the Middle Class.

If there is any future for liberty and democracy instead of collective bureaucracy and global managerialism, that future rests in the hand and spirit of the American middle class, especially the American middle class in “Flyover Country,” the last region of the United States where an independent and self-sufficient middle class exists, unlike the woke middle class serving global corporations or the Deep State on the American coasts.

Matthew Continetti, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and founding editor of the Washington Free Beacon: Biden runs out of gas.

Then the situation went sideways. Biden's problems started on the southern border, ramped up with the Delta variant of coronavirus, accelerated with inflation, spread with the debacle in Afghanistan, and haven't abated since. His rallying of the West in support of Ukraine is laudable, but he still hasn't done enough to help the Ukrainians and he keeps stumbling on his own message. His commitments to the left wing of his party keep him from embracing the center. And damaging leaks about the federal investigation into his son's finances only will mount if Republicans take Congress in November.

Biden's reliance on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is telling. This is a presidency that is running out of gas.

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