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Quotes for our Times:

Larry O'Connor, talk show host and political commentator: Do democrats stand with Stacey Abrams' ultrasound fetal heartbeat lunacy?

Nevertheless, Stacey Abrams represents so much to the political and cultural left in this country that they had to abandon any reason or scientific common sense and find a way to defend this indefensible and laughable notion. After all, they have an election to win, and as we saw during the Covid-19 hysteria of 2020, winning an election is way more important than scientific wisdom.

Katie Pavlich, Editor of Don Lemon gets pummeled after trying to invoke climate change with Hurricane Ian.

CNN host Don Lemon did his best to insert an argument for climate change during an exchange with NOAA Acting Director Jamie Rohme Tuesday night. Rohme didn't take the bait and instead used his time to issue warnings to Floridians in harm’s way, leading Lemon to assert his own 'expertise' because he 'grew up there.'

Meanwhile, Lemon's activist media peers are doing everything they can to frame Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as having already failed to properly manage the emergency.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Gutfeld! and co-host of The Five: As long as 'we're in this melting pot together,' civil war isn't possible.

So how can creeps start a civil war when family and friendship matters more? Well, it's obvious. It will be the creeps without family and friendship.

And they'll use race to do it. Because if you can't break people up based on politics or class, race is the best and last resort. It's the catalyst for the riots, which were like mini civil wars, except no one fought back. So the Democrats and the media see that and think, 'Why not go with a proven formula?' Race is the chosen avenue for discord because the others allow for crossover.

Maybe this is why you're seeing this new segregation being pushed by the Left in schools. Separate classes for nonwhite students, separate graduations, separate dorms. Because if people mix, well, you might eliminate that road to conflict.

Tucker Carlson, host of FOX News Channel’s flagship primetime cable news program, Tucker Carlson Tonight: Joe Biden is senile, but the Democratic Party is devolving.

Let's start with the most obvious: poverty. Poverty is rising fast in the United States. The financial markets have sunk to below where they were in the middle of the so-called pandemic when Joe Biden took office. If you've been brave enough to follow the dissent of your 401k this week, keep in mind that it's actually worse than it appears.

Whatever you think you have, has been devalued by inflation. So, not only do you have less, you can buy less with it. If you multiply that by an entire country, you see why household net worth is declining faster than it has at any time in the history of the country, and that's why millions of Americans are now not just thinking about postponing their retirement, they're considering a move to Tijuana to afford housing and dentistry and gasoline.

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