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New Building At RTCA

Robert Toombs Christian Academy is making a significant improvement to their athletic facilities with the construction of a new Athletic Performance Center. The multisport $250,000 project should be completed in the fall of this year.

The new facility will be used by all sports at RTCA, including football, baseball, softball, soccer, cheer, golf, and archery. There will also be a weight room in the building. It will have large rollup doors that will open to the baseball field, and will have other entry points on the side near the track. The building itself will be a 4,500 sq. ft. structure, but will also have the option to be able to add an additional second floor in the future.

The building will be located just off of the left field line of the baseball field, between it and the track. RTCA has had a portion of the hill removed to allow the construction of the building. This is a booster sponsored project. All of the funds that are being used have been donated by members of the community for this project.

Athletic Director Jacob Lord said, “We are excited to have the new Athletic Performance Center on campus for our student-athletes. The 4,500 square ft. (about the area of a basketball court) building will house three indoor hitting cages that are top of the line facilities, those cages will be retractable to a turf facility inside. The bay doors will open directly to the baseball field. Softball and archery can use it, and a golf simulator will be available. We are also adding a new weight room.

“Growth is always a positive thing, and that is something that our athletic department is proud of. We have added some new teams here at RTCA, we are improving all of our facilities, and we have plans to open this up to community teams. We feel it will be one of the top of the line in the southeast part of the state, and we want to be able to let this community also benefit from this project. We are excited about this and for what the future holds for RTCA.”

This project is just the next in a line of improvements that have been made to the athletic facilities at RTCA. Over the past few years they have improved the softball field and seating, added a new entrance and walkway into the football field, added new netting and have worked on improving the baseball field, and now this new building.

RTCA Athletic Director Jacob Lord and Coach Adam Callaway show off some of the work that has been completed as the project gets underway.Photo by Mike Branch

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