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Quotes for our Times:

Rebecca Downs, Web Editor at Townhall. com: Tone deaf Biden doubles down on rhetoric with reference to Trump as 'Great MAGA King’.

'Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. The first year of my presidency — the first year, I reduced the deficit — literally reduced the deficit by $350 billion. First year,' Biden said about Trump.

Even CNN's fact-checker pointed out that Biden's claim he reduced the deficit by $350 billion was 'distorting reality,' since 'the deficit has been bigger under the Biden administration than the nonpartisan federal Congressional Budget Office had projected it would be if the Biden-era federal government stuck with the laws that were in effect when Trump left office in early 2021.'

Ian Prio, co-founder of Dailymalarkey. com, Executive Director of Fightforschools. com and a former senior official in the Trump Department of Justice: Biden ignores harassment and intimidation when woke schools aren't involved.

So now that we have seen this 'disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence' against Supreme Court justices, churches, and pro-life organizations, where is Merrick Garland?

Will he be issuing a memo directing the FBI to start investigation these organizations instead of investigating parents that simply don’t want their public schools teaching their five-year-old daughters that they can become boys?

You already know the answers. The Biden Department of Justice protects the woke and persecutes unwoke parents.

Karol Markowicz, columnist at the New York Post: Biden's baby formula shortage crisis is more proof they don't care about our kids.

The districts that stayed closed, because Weingarten, who has zero scientific or medical background, was allowed to craft school opening policy, will take years to recover. That this was going to happen was obvious to anyone who has ever so much as met a child. But the Biden administration sided with their political allies against kids.

Now their silence is over a life and death issue. How much longer can the president of the richest country in the world stay quiet about hungry babies?

Why are kids such an afterthought to the Biden administration? Parents have to demand action from an administration that would rather duck and hide.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Gutfeld! and co-host of The Five: 'Social media use can be like a bad smoking habit.

A new study finds that avoiding social media platforms for just one week, that's the weekend plus five Kat, significantly improves a person's well-being, reducing both anxiety and depression.

Now, if there were a pill that had the same effect in just one week, you'd take it. Actually, I think we used to call those Quaaludes. But social media isn't something you can take out, like the president's teeth at bedtime, it's something you have to remove, and that's harder.

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