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Riders Hit Derby Hill

The Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby celebrated its 30th running this year, and their sixth running at Partin Park on the new Derby Hill. The weather on Friday and Saturday was great with lots of sun and a little breeze. The SuperKids this year went back to their traditional Friday running, while the three local races took place on Saturday. There were 39 cars this year that participated in the Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby across the Stock, Super Stock, and Masters divisions.

The SuperKids got to enjoy a day heading down the big hill. This division is made for special needs kids. They get the opportunity to ride down the hill in a tandem car with an experienced driver at the helm. There were not as many participants this year, but a winner was declared and he will get his chance to race in Akron, OH. This year's winner of the SuperKids race was Chevy Evans.

This year there were again three different divisions that raced down the hill with the Stock, Super Stock and Masters all vying for their chance to head to Akron. The numbers overall were also down across the three divisions, but a total of 39 cars took to the hill on race day.

There were again a lot of familiar names that worked their way toward the finals. In the Stock division a new Driggers got to put her name on the Champions board. Quinn Driggers picked up the stock win. She won by the differential of just .099 seconds. Quinn had taken second place last year, but picked up the win this year over Cannady Allmond. Chessley Horton finished in third place and Brooks Brown took fourth.

For the Super Stock division we saw Aidyn Driggers get the win. With this win she has now won all three of the local races. She beat out Kiley Williamson by a differential of .086. Last year's stock winner Noah Gordy was third in the Super Stock, and last year's Masters winner Alyssa Head came in fourth.

In just the third running of the Masters in the local race, Emma Waters earned the top spot as she defeated last year's Super Stock winner Alexis Head in the finals. Waters had finished second last year in the Masters, but got her win this year. She also became the first former Southeast Georgia Soap Box Queen to win a local race. And with her win she also made it so that girls won all three local races this year. Cash Driggers took third place, and Zack Lyles finished in fourth.

Race Director Kaydee Head said, “It was a very good day, no big wrecks, and everything went great. We have to thank Paul Anderson Youth Home, who come every year to help lift cars at the bottom of the hill, all of our committee, all of the sponsors, and just everyone that puts in the time to help these kids out.We had great weather and it was just a great day.”

Masters Champion Emma Waters stated, “It was great to get to race against Alexis in the finals. I am thankful for everyone that has helped out continued from page

along the way, and to be the first Queen to have won the local, I'm really proud of that. I am looking forward to going to Akron, and am looking forward to getting to spend time with my Soap Box family.”

Super Stock winner Aidyn Driggers added, “I am feeling good about the win. It is great to win the final division and get to go to Ohio again. I am really hoping to get my car on the Wall of Champions in Akron, and just excited for this opportunity.”

Stock Champion Quinn Driggers said, “It feels really good to win. I really like to get to meet all of the other racers. I guess my car was fast and I drove pretty good today. I really am excited to go to Akron and have a chance to race there.”

The greatest gravity racers in the world will come together at the world-famous Derby Downs Track in Akron, Ohio, July 17-23 for the 84th running of the First-Energy All-American Soap Box Derby. Champs from around the world will reach speeds in excess of 30 m.p.h. as they race down the 989' track in hopes of earning the title of World Champion.

(L to R, Super Stock): 2nd Kiley Williamson, 1st Aidyn Driggers, 3rd Noah Gordy, and 4th Alyssa Head.Photo by Mike Branch

(L to R, Masters): 2nd Alexis Head, 1st Emma Waters, 3rd Cash Driggers, and 4th Not Pictured, Zack Lyles.Photo by Mike Branch

(L to R, SuperKids): 6th Rebekah Carraway, 2nd Angel Patterson, 1st Chevy Evans, 3rd Scott Terry, 4th Not Pictured Eric Cabanas, and 5th Lucy Bodie.Photo by Mike Branch

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