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Uvalda Man Dies Following ATV- Car Mishap

A Uvalda man died from injuries he received in a car versus ATV accident on Old River Road in Toombs County on Tuesday,

March 22. The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia State Patrol (GSP) responded to a call at 10:55 p.m. on Old River Road, 0.6 miles west of the road’s intersection of Lewis Nail Road. Upon reaching the scene of the accident, depu- continued from page

ties found a Nissan Sentra and Kawasaki Mule on the northern side of the road after an apparent collision.

The ATV was being operated by Daniel Braddock of Uvalda. Braddock borrowed the vehicle from Elbert Powell to travel from Powell’s house at McNatt Falls to Braddock’s home on Gibbs Bridge Road. Powell told authorities he was unsure why Braddock was traveling the route where the wreck occurred.

According to a driver who witnessed the wreck in his vehicle’s side mirror, Braddock’s vehicle had visible headlights, but no taillights were seen. The driver of the car, Kelsee Leggett, of Hazelhurst, was traveling with her 8-year-old son when she encountered Braddock. She told GSP investigators that she could not see the ATV upon approaching it from behind, which is what caused the collision. Leggett rear-ended Braddock, causing the ATV to leave the roadway, continue forward 24 feet, and roll until it came to rest on the shoulder of the road. Leggett’s vehicle also exited the roadway after traveling 74 feet. The car then spun on the shoulder of the road before striking a tree in a wood line and coming to a stop. Authorities found Braddock unconscious and critically injured at the scene of the wreck. He was taken to Buzzy’s Store in Uvalda where Air Evac was awaiting to transport him to Memorial Health Medical Center in Savannah, where he later succumbed to injuries. Leggett was treated at Memorial Health Meadows Hospital in Vidalia. The child riding in the Leggett vehicle was not injured.

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