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The left did us a great favor

Lest we become permanently deflated as the new year begins as to the future of our Republic in light of what’s happened the past twelve months, and the speed with which it happened, consider this: “Not so fast with the doom and gloom,” tell yourself. Here’s why.

It was far from his design, but Joe Biden has done a favor to the sizable mass of voters (vs. citizens) who fall into the ranks of independents and conservatives. Actually, it’s not Joe Biden; it’s the ranks of the Karl Marx Book Club elites and grandchildren of the Yippies now occupying the White House, along with Obama, Rice, Pelosi, et al.

They have taken us to a place, and swiftly, that we never imagined before. They are center stage, revealing on an almost daily basis how truly wacky is the road to socialism with its accompanying demands for the masses to adhere to their demands. They, after all, know better than we.

They know we will be better served with higher fuel and food prices, trillions more in national debt, prosecutors who no longer prosecute, millions of illegals crossing the southern border, depleted law enforcement ranks, solar and wind energy, fear of COVID, fear of global warming (climate change), placement of teacher unions in charge of public education and…well, the list goes on.

All of this, mind you, in one year, the 245th year of our Grand Republic.

Unbeknownst, the “woke wing” of the Democrat party has done us a great favor.

The majority of citizens who can be counted on to turn out at the polls assume those they put in charge of the public’s business are making decisions in their best interest as they go about raising their children, going to work, and tending to matters closest to them. Civics and the workings of government are generally things they learned in school (back when they were taught) and other than in a general sense, not front and center in their everyday lives.

They are now. Polls as 2021 came to a close reflect widespread dissatisfaction with the deception foisted on members of both major political parties and independents in one short year. They see a federal government that is simply not functioning in their best interest.

The unrest and, yes, disgust over what an administration that sold itself as a “unifier” has done by a grand design it never revealed before an election that most of us suspect now was a cheat-fest is not theoretical. It is real.

We have our civics lesson in spades. The conventional wisdom is that Republicans will sweep the boards in November. The House will turn red, and the Senate will pick up a few seats (tougher going there). Conservative GOP candidates in state and local contests will repeat in the fashion of the Virginia governor’s race.

Republicans have this stellar opportunity to take charge and bring independent and perhaps some Democrat voters along with them, not just in November, but in years hence. They’ve blown it before, but they can’t this time. The stakes are too great.

Opportunities like this don’t come around every cycle. Played correctly, we can thank Scranton’s Wonderboy for years to come.

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