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Murder Suspect Arrested In Arizona Bus Station

A suspect in the double homicide of a Vidalia mother and daughter was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Flagstaff, Arizona, on January 12. His extradition back to Georgia is pending.

Joshua Magual Sanders, age 27, of Birmingham, Alabama, was arrested on charges related to the shooting deaths of Latorey Denise Harden, 24, and Pamela Harden, 42, at 802 Fifth Street around 1 p.m. on January 6. Allegedly, the suspect was an acquaintance of Latorey Harden and the shooting followed a domestic dispute.

Latorey Harden died at the scene. Pamela Harden was transported to Memorial Health Meadows Hospital and transferred to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah where she succumbed to her injuries. Eyewitnesses said Latorey Harden’s toddler was found next her body and was unharmed. Sanders was arrested at a Flagstaff Greyhound bus terminal on outstanding warrants for aggravated assault (two continued from page

counts), felony murder (two counts), possession of a firearm during certain crimes (two counts), and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (one count).

Authorities, who had been searching for Pamela Harden’s 2021 Nissan Rogue which was seen leaving the murder scene, recovered the vehicle in Birmingham on Sunday, January 9. 'After the shooting, Sanders stole the victim’s vehicle and fled back to Birmingham, Alabama, where the vehicle was later discovered abandoned,' authorities said.

Through an investigation, it was revealed that Sanders reportedly took a bus from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on January 11 to Los Angeles. While en route to California, he was arrested.

'The arrest of Sanders at the Greyhound Bus Station in Flagstaff was executed in a manner that ensured other passengers and the public at the station were not placed in any danger,' said United States Marshal David Gonzales. 'Sanders, who was recently released from prison and had 3 handguns in his possession, told deputy marshals at the time of his arrest that if he had the opportunity, he would have shot at them in order to make an escape.'

'The U.S. Marshal’s Service, with the assistance of the Flagstaff Police Department, were able to establish surveillance at the Greyhound bus station. At approximately 1:40 p.m., Sanders was positively identified exiting the Greyhound Bus and was taken into custody by U.S. Marshal deputies and Flagstaff Police officers,' authorities said.

Sanders was booked into the Coconino County Jail and will be extradited back to Georgia. Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tripp Fitzner explained the extradition process. “There is an easy way and a hard way to do this. The easy way is if the suspect waives extradition, meaning he is not going to protest being brought back to Georgia. Then, it is just a matter of filling out the paperwork to get him back.” Fitzner said if the suspect protests being brought back, the extradition process becomes more involved and requires a governor’s warrant. “My office has already started working on that (process) because we don’t want to be behind if that is the case.” Fitzner said his office has already put together a packet of paperwork to send to Governor Brian Kemp’s office. Once Kemp issues a warrant, it will be sent to the Governor of Arizona. Going through the governors’ offices could possibly stretch the process out to weeks or a month since the documents, which have to be certified, will go through the mail. “That process is not fast, but we are trying to be proactive. We want to be in a position to respond immediately and we should know very soon whether the suspect waives extradition,” Fitzner said.

The suspect will absolutely be brought back to Georgia, Fitzner said, noting, “The extradition process is governed by uniform statutes that both Georgia and Arizona have adopted.” After the suspect is returned to Toombs County, he will have a first court appearance, and his attorneys have the option of filing motions for bond and preliminary hearings. After he is indicted by a grand jury, the suspect will be arraigned and his trial will be placed on the court calendar.

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