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Persons on Medicare Beware!

Appearing in a recent national publication were these words, “If I watch TV, I can’t miss all the commercials with Joe Namath or JJ Walker pitching Medicare Advantage Plans.” Ads are saying you can get free meals, free dental care, free this, and free that.

Do not be deceived. These ads are at best misleading and at worst deceiving or even untruths!

Your best bet as a Medicare beneficiary seeking supplemental coverage, Rx, or Advantage plans is to seek the advice of a local or regional agency, a trustworthy agent you can call or see if necessary. Preferably, this agent would have a professional designation and be a member of a professional agent’s association, and abide by the Code of Ethics.

Don’t make a BIG mistake that may take years to recover! Maurice Jones Licensed Insurance Counselor, State of GA Savannah, GA

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