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MoCo Schools Achieve Perfect Graduation Score

The Montgomery County School System has officially achieved a 100% graduation rate, making it the highest graduation rate within the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Class APublic Region 4.

Only 13 schools in the state have 100% gradua- tion rates so Montgomery County joins an elite group within the state. The achievement, which reflects the 2020-2021 graduation statistics, was announced on October 21 by Montgomery County High School Principal Scott Barrow.

“We have an awesome community here in Montgomery County. We call them our ‘Eagle Family,’” Barrow explained. “Everyone, from the time the students step on the bus and see their bus driver’s face, to the custodial team, the nutrition team, and the teachers and supp ort team, understands the importance of graduating from high school.” Barrow said it is the competitive nature of the students that motivat- continued from page

ed everyone to graduate. “We realized that our students understood athletic competition, so we began focusing on how we could incorporate that competitive spirit with academics,” he said. To accomplish this, the high school’s administration challenged students to be the top school academically in their athletic region.

“We are blessed to have such great students who understand what it means to ‘Do Right and Graduate,‘” Barrow commented. “This isn’t just a win for Montgomery County High School – this is a win for the entire community. I could not be happier to be a part of this ‘Eagle Family!’’’ Staff and Students celebrated this achievement by having Hat Day on October 22 to “practice” wearing a graduation cap for their future graduation.

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