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Ship Of Fools

What a ship of fools we have become. Just as the wolf licks the blood coated sharp knife blade and eventually cuts his tongue and drinks his own blood, so have the American people become addicted to government giveaways. Free money, debt forgiveness, moratoriums on evictions, and now the President and Congress want to solve our problems with a 3.5 Trillion Dollar spending spree. Where will the money come from? There will be some higher taxes, a minor inconvenience to the super wealthy. The majority of the funds will be created from debt the U.S. Treasury will sell to the Federal Reserve. Given the average age of Americans is 38 years old, most have never experienced inflation. All the “Free Money” evidently comes with a price, a much higher price, just as the wolf learned. The people (voters) that the politicians are trying to buy off are the same people that are going to suffer the worst from higher prices as the result of inflation.

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