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Toombs County and Wheeler County 4-H’ers Attend Rock Eagle 4-H Camp

Toombs County and Wheeler County 4-H’ers Attend Rock Eagle 4-H Camp Toombs County and Wheeler County 4-H’ers Attend Rock Eagle 4-H Camp

After a year without 4-H camp, campers and leaders from Toombs and Wheeler counties were able to load up and head to camp at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, Georgia. For all campers, this was their first time at 4-H camp since all 4-H camps were cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the spring of this year, a plan was approved by the University of Georgia to allow 4-H camp to happen following COVID-19 safety protocols.

To ensure that protocols would be followed, the number of campers able to attend was limited and the number of days at camp was decreased from five to four. Campers attended activities in cabin cohorts and, if possible, activities were held outside. Logistics for camp may have been slightly different, but youth still enjoyed many fun activities. Campers participated in games, classes, activities, and watched skits. Some examples of activities included archery, recreational games, lake ecology, arts and crafts, native lore, and a smoothie making classes. The campers also watched the variety show and the and Rock Eagle pageant performed by the camp counselors.

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Campers attending from Toombs County included Kaleb Bailey, Jazlynn Banderas, Madilyn Bell, Ansleigh Braddock, Jayce Corbitt, Joseph Crosby, Cooper Darden, Haylee Doyle, Riley Earls, Ansleigh Edwards, Auston Edwards, Hayden Ford, Jocey Garrett, Autumn Hart, Jocelyn Harvill, Chase Kersey, Jacob Mares, Adrian Mata, Miranda Morgan, Lane Morris, Jordan Pruitt, Modesto Quintana, Kallie Rollins, Tiera Shaw, Layla Sikes, Payton Soles, Lawton Toole, Kandise Tootle, Harper Underwood and Rodger Zamorano. Campers from Wheeler County included Payton Campbell, Rozilynn Cox, McKenzie Guardiola, Bethany Ledford, Noah Page, Dakari Robinson, Raylan Rodriguez, Fisher Thornton and Aubree Zib.

Teen Leaders for the week included Brittney Bryant, Riley Campbell, Jodi Kramer and Drew White. Extension Staff members Madison Britt (Intern), Jesseca Campbell, Jason Edenfield, Cheryl Poppell and Riley Wimberly along with 4-H volunteer Shirley Earls accompanied the group.

Although camp was a little different than years past, the youth had a blast and cannot wait for summer camp in 2022. For more information about 4-H in Toombs County, contact the local office at 912- 526-3101 or visit Toombs County Extension online at http:// toombs/. For information of 4-H programs in Wheeler County, contact the local office at 912-5687138 or https://extension. wheeler.html.

TOOMBS/WHEELER BOYS (CABIN 52) — (L to R): Front: Adrian Mata, Jordan Pruitt, Noah Page, Hayden Ford, Joseph Crosby, Back: Fisher Thornton, Jacob Mares, Dekari Robinson, Chase Kersey, Jayce Corbitt.

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