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The COVID Passport: Fascism at Hand

Naomi Wolf is perfectly accurate warning that the COVID Passport is an unassuming, mild, reasonablesounding concept that will lead to untold catastrophic civic conse- quences.She is way out front, and we

should all pay attention to her. The COVID Passport is the doorway to fascism in your lifetime, on your doorstep, and there may be no turning back once it happens.

Her thesis is this: the COVID Passport creates the platform on which to add all kinds of different data types (information from social media, credit card purchases, whom you were with from your geo location info on the phone) to profile every citizen and then take action against all of them. Do not think this is far-fetched.It

has begun, and my team was at Ground Zero as it did.

Remember the No Fly List?Sure, you do. My team built the technol –

ogy to make it possible.

Let’s take a little stroll through some basic data concepts, and you will get it, I promise. Your name, height, weight, ethnicity, political party, residence, car you drive, products you purchase are attributes. You are, in data land, the

sum of your attributes. If all we know is your name, address, age, sex, well, not much to deduce here. Let’s add your social media posts, your friends, your friends’ social media posts, the orgs they joined — well, now we are getting a fuller picture of you. You know that Big Tech is doing

this now. Of course you do.

You are on Amazon and look at a pair of hiking boots, and every time you hit the enter key, even doing email, you get an ad for hiking boots. That is your profile coming from your computer cache and cookies. Somebody collected it. What if it isn’t hiking boots you seek, but rather you want to go to the Trump store or the Bernie website? You just added political attributes. Those define you in ways you never imagined. Your profile grows.

Attributes can magnify each other as they accumulate.

A dozen people are conservative, live in the same area, are of the two major sexes, are in similar age ranges, have generally similar incomes, education, height, and weight. All are Trump-supporters. But one bought 5.56 ammo online. Another wrote a social media post against nonsensical masks. Those two little transactions just magnified their other attributes to make them stand out for “special attention.” You’ve seen it. The TSA pat-down, the surprise that someone was added to the No Fly List.

So far, one key concept is that you volunteered your information in exchange for product stuff. Fair trade in the digital age. Most of those transactions were with different platforms. They are continued from page

likely competitors.ffi Those

data were never aggre-


The COVID Passport

is a very different animal.ffi

It does three key things that lead to catastrophe: 1. It forces everyone to join.ffi 2. It can aggregate

data from any source to

"enrich" your profile.ffi3. It is

in the hands of the government, and we all know how trustworthy they are.

The government has been putting people on the No Fly List for years with no notice as to why.ffiffiIt will

not publish its crite-

ria.ffiChuck Schumer wants

anyone who was at the Capitol protest on January

6 to getffispecial mentionffion

the No Fly List. Think your Second Amendment is safe, even in a red state?ffi Not after the

COVID Passport. Welcome to those Red

Flag Laws.ffi

Now the government, for the sake of the community, can go to that COVID Passport database and see your pesky attributes.ffi

Wrote some nasty stuff about Kamala, did

you?ffi That social media

comment after a glass of chardonnay did sound threatening about the vil- lage bond issue.ffiYour credit

card statement indicated contributions to white su-

premacist orgs.ffiYou bought

a Don’t Tread on Me flag!

You just lost your guns, says the D.A. in a liberal county in conservative Texas.

If the FISA Court corruption taught anything, it taught that the government, when it gets your data, will run amok, unchecked, until it destroys you.

Heck, they’re already

doing it.ffiThe United States

Postal Service, that same group who dumps mail under bridges, cannot make a profit with a monopoly, and cannot track your package out of state is now collecting social media info of people they find threatening.

You know this.ffi You

know all of this. What Naomi Wolf is warning about is that there has never been a comprehensive, mandatory platform to collect and aggregate all this data about American citizens by the government. The COVID Passport

is that platform.ffi When it

begins, the government could enable your credit score to be impacted if you do not agree with its health regs.ffi Your job in constant

threat, your life now run by those same nameless, faceless robots behind the No Fly List.

When this happens, who you gonna call?ffi ffi The FBI?ffiTake it to court?ffiGood luck.

So take this one seri-

ously.ffi This threat is far

worse than anyone

thinks.ffiffind it is at hand.

Take it from the team that built the No Fly

List.ffiThis is the big one.

Jay Valentine’s web site is www.ContingencySales. com and www.JayValentine. com. Jay led the team that built eBay’s fraud detection and builds advanced fraud detection technology.

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