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Why Biden is Erasing America

Not even a full four months into office and President* Biden is desperately attempting to erase America. This isn’t like his former boss’ “fundamental transformation” style of change. No, President* Biden is racing at blinding speed to destroy every vestige of our representative republic. Which in itself is a bit brilliant because those who aren’t paying attention believe he is incapable of doing anything faster than eating his lunch time Jello. He’s attempting to undo American accountability in elections through his support of HR1. He’s attempting to undo our economic foundations with massive printing (read that: devaluing) of our currency. He’s attempting to destroy free enterprise and job growth with coming massive tax increases. He’s attempting to take away individual liberties with proposed mask mandates, and desired lockdowns. He supports any attempt to end the Senate filibuster—in order to push through horrific laws by the thinnest margins ever attempted. He’s attempting to overwhelm our security at our borders by encouraging 100’s of 1000’s of unverifiable persons of unknown origins to cross our borders without scrutiny nor penalty. He wants the police weakened. He is pledging to take guns away from law abiding owners. And he wants to pervert the justice system so dramatically that the Constitution becomes unrecognizable.

Friday was his latest strategic ploy. By signing what seems as though might be his 500th executive order, he officially commenced a process to attempt to “reform the Supreme Court.”

His basis for why?

Because the judicial system is “out of whack.”

Which I can only presume is very technical language for, “my executive orders appear to be headed for trouble once they are challenged.”

This is a legitimate worry to someone who is illegitimately writing laws as a dictator and expecting the plebs to kneel in obedience. One of his predecessor’s most pronounced accomplishments was placing hundreds of originalist jurists at every level of the federal courts.

Shockingly President* Biden’s former boss had left hundreds of vacancies open, and President Trump plugged the holes in a little over three years.

The left witnessed how quickly the progressive agenda can be stopped in a healthy constitutional republic. It’s why they exploited the continued from page

CoVid19 crisis to change election standards by any means necessary in swing states. And it’s why they are calling every election reform attempting to bring transparency and integrity back to the process as “racist.”

They literally have nothing else.

They didn’t win the state assemblies in 2020. They lost seats in the House of Representatives. They lost Gubernatorial seats. And they only gained the Senate by relying on the same faulty election system in the State of Georgia that had corrupted the Presidential race only a handful of weeks earlier.

President* Biden and the puppet master who controls him knows it is a short runway to 2022. America has too many checks and balances in the way she was created. Therefore, erasing America, by erasing that transparency, accountability, and integrity is the only option to create the top down government controlled dream they’ve always thirsted for.

Short of a violent overthrow, the removal of the checks and balances is the fastest way forward. And unlike Cuba & Venezuela—Americans own in excess of 300,000,000 firearms.

He may talk slow, genuinely appear confused and dazed, but beneath the Mr. Magoo act is a machine keenly aimed at and doing away with everything we hold dear.

It is time that Americans who truly cherish the God-given freedoms we’ve always enjoyed engage. Get active. Refuse to roll over. Defend the integrity of the good.

I pray daily that we still have enough will power to turn the tide.

But no one can say they weren’t warned.

They are attempting it in plain sight.

Every single day!

Kevin McCullough (@ KMCRadio) breaks news as it happens in New York on Salem Media’s AM 570/970 weekday afternoons. He’s nationally syndicated. He operates a boutique media firm which produces broadcast/podcast content airing on 1600+ outlets, seven days per week. He’s a 3 time best-selling author. He’s committed to God, his family, and his fellow man. He is burdened by injustice. He pursues clarity above everything… and wishes more people would too!

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