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Eagle Academy Launches Next Year

A customized program designed to challenge high achievers in grades K-8 is being launched in the Montgomery County Schools next year. The program is the first of its kind being offered in this area.

Funded through FTE allocations, Eagle Academy is a program of choice designed for K-8 grade students who have a passion for learning that is primarily focused in the arts, humanities, sciences and technology, said Montgomery County School Superintendent Hugh Kight. “Students who are curious, who desire to know more, who do more, who are original thinkers and who are open to discovering their gifts in a creative education setting are the prime candidates for this program,” Kight said.

Intrinsically motivated, creative, caring strong communicators, risk-takers, with principles, self-discipline and behavior are just some of the characteristics that Eagle Academy students should possess, Knight said, adding, “Our goal is to challenge these students to their maximum potential.”

The academy instructors will be chosen from existing MOCO schools staff. continued from page

Students will attend the academy in sync with regular school hours.

Any enrolled Montgomery County Schools giftedidentifi ed, highly-motivated or high-achieving K-8 student may apply. Students who do not currently attend MCS or those who live outside the attendance district may apply and, upon notification of admitt ance to the academy, must enroll in the Montgomery County Schools. All enrolling academy students will be assigned a base school (either Montgomery County Elementary School or Montgomery County Middle School), but will attend Eagle Academy. There is no tuition and applications for out of county attendees will be opened after the system process is complete.

Students attending the Academy are afforded the opportunity to participate in all available extracurricular clubs, sports, competitions, and other activities at their base school and they will be encouraged to do so, Kight explained. If students live outside the Eagle Academy school zone, parents must provide transportation for their children to and from school. “In return, the Eagle Academy provides opportunities for students to thrive in a highly-personalized environment dedicated to meeting the needs of the passionate, gifted, and talented learner both academically and creatively.”

Among the concepts being considered for inclusion in the Academy curriculum are: NJROTC activities twice a month; a law partnership which will involve bringing in actual lawyers to acquaint students with the rudiments of this profession as a possible career choice; a chess team; Algebra 1 (8th grade); field trips to sites where students can get an up close and personal look at occupations and professions which they may like to pursue; music; yearbook; school newspaper; drone class; quiz bowl team; STEM activities; energy activities; Coding 101; Spanish; wildlife biology; and drama team.

Th eAcademywillbelocated in the Old High School on 701 Dobbins Street in Mount Vernon, adjacent to the board offices.

Work is already underway at the former high school where the building’s interior and exterior are being upgraded for accommodating the some 80 initial students who will be attending beginning in 2021-2022 term. Open enrollment will begin in February and an open house is planned for May 4.

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