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25th Annual VHS Cheer Camp

25th Annual VHS Cheer Camp
Youth camp attendees along with the VHS Cheerleaders.Photo by VHS
25th Annual VHS Cheer Camp
Youth camp attendees along with the VHS Cheerleaders.Photo by VHS

Courtesy of VHS

The Vidalia High School Cheer Team celebrated a milestone with their 25th Annual Youth Cheer Camp, held from June 12-14. This year's theme, 'Ohana, Forever,' drew inspiration from Hawaiian culture, where 'ohana' signifies family, reflecting the camp's emphasis on building strong, lasting relationships.

Coach Ann Michele Toole underscored the significance of the camp in fostering a sense of belonging and community among participants. 'When you are a part of the VHS Indian Family, you are connected forever!' she exclaimed. 'At Vidalia, we use the phrase 'Once, Always.' Once an Indian, always an Indian.'

Throughout the week, cheerleaders spent time with future VHS Indians, teaching them traditions and encouraging them to work hard and strive for excellence in all their endeavors. The use of Hawaiian leis at the camp was particularly meaningful. 'Ha- continued from page

waiian leis have a significant meaning and are traditionally given as a symbol of affection, celebration, honor, or greeting,' explained Coach Toole. 'The leis we presented were our way of welcoming each camper into the Indian cheer family.'

The camp was filled with activities aimed at building relationships and instilling a sense of Indian pride in the young participants. ' We enjoyed spending time and building relationships with our future Indians,' Coach Toole said. 'We taught them our traditions and hope to have inspired them to pursue excellence in all they do.'

In her closing remarks, Coach Toole expressed gratitude to the parents for supporting the efforts of the VHS cheer team. 'Thank you for sharing your little ones with us this week – we had the best time together!'

Parents can look forward to receiving group photos from camp via email, which they can print for themselves.

The team is already looking forward to seeing everyone again in the fall. 'See you in the Fall for some Indian Football,' Coach Toole added enthusiastically.

For more updates and highlights from the VHS Youth Cheer Camp, stay tuned to the Vidalia High School Cheer Team's facebook and instagram accounts.

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