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To: Makaylee Randolph From: Eula Rollins

Good Morning, The ‘CHAT’ article is good. I have had several congratulatory calls concerning it. Told all the ‘ Advance Staff Writer’ deserved the credit for her good ‘journalism’.

Thanks for the interview and the article. So glad I had the opportunity to meet you and to share my life’s joys and privileges, good days and not-so-good days, and grateful for every one of them.

-Eula Rollins

To: Makaylee Randolph From: Debbie O’Neal

Hi Kaylee. Saw the paper today and been so busy did not get a chance to tell you thank you. What a write-up you did for me, and so detailed. I really appreciate it so much. It was a very good article. Meant a lot to me and will be sending family a paper that lives out of state. You’re a blessing to me, thank you again.

-Debbie O’Neal

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