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Abrams to Georgians Struggling Through Recession: “Get Real.”

Tuesday, August 9, 2022, ATLANTA — As Stacey Abrams prepares to release her “economic plan” to implement billions more in state spending with no real plan to pay for it other than raising taxes, today Kemp for Governor is highlighting a February 2009 op-ed for the Athens Banner-Herald that Abrams authored the last time the United States entered an economic recession. In the op-ed, Abrams tells Georgians to “get real” on the need for more taxes.

Excerpt from Abrams’ op-ed: Years of economic prosperity have spoiled Americans. We have grown used to a culture of credit and immediate gratification. What the current economic crisis compels us to do — as Americans and as Georgians — is to get real. We must acknowledge in a time of economic decline that services have costs, that government is a tool, not a weapon, and that taxes are a current payment and a future investment in a healthy, vibrant community.

“Any Georgian wondering how Stacey Abrams would guide our state through the current economic crisis created by her party should look no further than Abrams’ own words,” said Tate Mitchell, Press Secretary. “The last time our economy entered a recession, Abrams told Americans they had been ‘spoiled’ by economic prosperity and that economic crisis should ‘compel’ us to ‘get real’ on the need for taxes. She put pen to paper, chastised the people of our state, and told Georgians that the solution to their problems was more taxes and more government spending. “Across our country, families are struggling to make ends meet, grocery store shelves are empty, and gas prices are making daily commutes a strain on Americans’ bank accounts — all because of this same, failed, liberal way of thinking in Washington. But in Georgia, Governor Kemp and the General Assembly have implemented real tax relief, suspended the gas tax, and taken unprecedented action to put money back in the pockets of hardworking Georgians. That is the leadership our state needs, and it’s exactly what Georgians can expect when they vote to re-elect Governor Kemp this fall.”

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