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Winged Elm to Come Down At Montgomery Courthouse

Montgomery County Commissioners held a special, called work session on Thursday, May 26, to discuss the disposal of a winged elm tree, which now poses a danger to the public. The elm tree across the street from La Cabana d’Isabel in the corner of the Montgomery County Courthouse Square in Mount Vernon has caught the attention of Georgia Forestry Commission Arborist Robert Seamans, who advised the Commission to cut the tree down. “It has become a problem for patrons of


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both the courthouse and the Mexican restaurant,” Buildings and Grounds Director Milton Fountain commented. “We have cones around it right now to ensure that no limbs fall on vehicles.”

According to Seamans, the tree has become a threat to the public and the courthouse grounds, which is why he suggests its removal. The Commission discussed this suggestion throughout the meeting, as they stated they understood the concern that the Montgomery County citizens may have about the familiar tree being gone.

“We know many people are attached to the trees at the Courthouse, and that they don’t wish to see a piece of the place they have grown up with disappear,” Commission Chairman Leland Adams. “That is why we are planning to survey the state of the tree once it is cut down, and if there is any good lumber, we will use it to craft a bench or some memento to place in the spot.”

The exact date of the removal of the tree is yet to be determined.

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