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Whatis a Hoecake?

hoecake bread cornmeal water. Hoecakes small, pan- both crispy and consistency chewy. Hoecakes taste are usually eaten for hot, /

and cane syrup.

term hoecake is first /

A hoecake is bread made of cornmeal and water. Hoecakes are small, dense crepes that are pan-fried on both sides, making their edges crispy and their consistency chewy. Hoecakes taste deliciouslike corn and are usually eaten for breakfast, hot, and served with butter and cane syrup.

The term hoecake is first noted in 1745, and the term was used by American writers such as Joel Barlow and Washington Irving. And according to historical letters, the hoecake was George Washington’s favorite food.

The origin of the name comes from their being cooked on a type of iron pan called a hoe. There is conflicting evidence regarding the common belief that they were cooked on the blades of gardening hoes. Some researchers believe

in 1745, and the term used by American writ- ^ ers such as Joel Barlow and Irving. And according to historical letters, the hoecake George Washington’s favorite food. origin the name comes from on iron hoe. There is conflicting common belief the blades of hoes. believe

hoe was a colloquial term for griddle dating back to at least the 1600s in partsof England, where baking cakes on

was a colloquial griddle least the 1600s England, or griddles was common. Cornbread was popular

boards or griddles was common. f Cornbread was popular during the American Civil War because it was very cheap, and it could be baked into loaves or fried for a fast meal. Cornbread, often called cornpone, probably wouldn’t have persisted in early American cooking if cooks had more to work with. Colonists thought corn was just a crude substitute for the wheat they were accustomed to. Its dough didn’t respond to yeast or other leavening agents, and it produced dense, earthy-tasting breads they weren’t used to. But over time what was called a “sad paste of despair” became a

during the Civil was very could be baked fast Cornbread, called wouldn't have in American cooking if more to work with. Colonists crude substitute the wheat they were accustomed Its dough didn't respond to yeast other leavening produced dense, earthy- they over time what was 'sad paste of despair' became of regional pride. point of regional pride.

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