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must to protect yourself and your family because you cannot rely on law enforcement.”

“I rode by the new courthouse and saw the onion on top of it and I just want to say thank you, Vidalia. I know for a fact that Vidalia is having the last word and Toombs County residents are going to pay for it.”

“I don’t know how anyone could aim a gun at a child and shoot. It doesn’t make sense. But here is the side of the news that does not get reported: a woman in Charlotte, N.C., who was at a party where a shooting broke out, was licensed to carry a gun and shot and killed the shooter, saving lives.”

“We are having mass shootings in our country and granted, we need enhanced background checks, but we need to get right with God. The nation needs to get right with God.”

“Four words that best describe the nation’s current and future status under this Marxist regime is: all hope is lost.”

“If you want to curb President Biden's war on Amer ican energy, let’s all chip in $10 apiece and buy Exxon stock, give it to Hunter, and the 'Big Guy' will get his 10%. Problem solved.”

“I heard there was another stabbing in California. The next thing Biden will do is ban all blades over two inches. The problem is that people do not live the way we used to in the ‘50s, and ‘60s, and ‘70s. Kids need their behinds tanned instead of patting them on the head and just telling them what they are doing is wrong. They need to be taught right from wrong.”

“Why don’t these political organizations pick up their campaign signs after an election? Isn’t it littering to leave them all over rightsof- way?”

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