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Teeth Brush and Pony Spread

Teeth brush and pony spread. While sifting through arcane subjects I intended to bring up with you, some seemed worthy of exploring but not something I knew much about. The first was an item every Army trainee knew from a list issued on the first days of basic training. The list was filled at the Post Exchange, and it came in a box because every trainee got the same list. And the same box.

The product, which I have not seen in decades, was Colgate “tooth powder,” which should have been written as “teeth powder” for the same reason I think “teeth brush” is a more accurate term.

The white and red metal container is now plastic, but dry powder was a more durable way to store and protect teeth cleaner.

With family coming to Sunday dinner, I used the grocery shopping trip as for research and found various kinds of teeth powder at three stores.

Yep, the stuff is still around. There are many available on the web including containers of bamboo charcoal powder and a tooth whitener made of mud. Yeah.

I recall that some people brushed their teeth with salt and that baking soda is a cheap whitening agent.

And that brings us to horse fat spread. I do not personally recall having ever seen this stuff, but throw-back advertisement collections usually include an image of “Dickman's horse fat spread.” To further turn the tummy, “made from the goodness of ponies.”

The ad includes a picture of a girl spreading something on a slice of bread. We assume it's pony.

The text of the ad reveals it is made from the finest fat and hooves money can buy, and you should “pony up the extra bit” for the “best equine oleomargarine spread ever.”

The spread was produced by Dickman's Rendering and Creaming Company of California.

Before you run out to the meat counter, I'll save you the trip because you can't buy horse meat here (neigh), but north of the border horse meat is common.

If you are lucky enough to snag a trip to Europe, you can enjoy a horse roast or steak there. No problem.

One of the outdoor night activities boys enjoyed was a trip to a local pond for “frog gigging.”

When caught in a spotlight, a bull frog sits there with a deer in the headlight effect only closer to the ground.

A gig is a three pronged spear on a long pole used to capture bull frogs.

On my first frog gigging Al Jones and I collected over a dozen frogs and his mother served them up like it was just the most natural thing in the world. They tasted just like… you know.


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