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down as a day of infamy in the food industry.

But even worse is how Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben and Jerry’s and presently influential over the social and political causes the ice cream company endorses and sponsors, are emblematic of so many secular Jews who end up undermining Israel and vital Jewish needs. Seeing in Judaism nothing but Marxist-type social justice, they begin minimizing uniquely Jewish needs; later show indifference to Jewish pain; and finally identify with causes harmful to Israel and the Jewish people, even to the point of supporting those who wish to destroy Israel or the Jewish people. They especially bond with those attackers as part of the social or political left. Leftism is their religion now, and those in its cause are their new brothers and sisters. They, in their minds, are simply “better and more enlightened” than those from the “old neighborhood” who have not grown into universalism. They are holier than thou.

When something distinct, like Judaism, becomes meaningless to a person, he often replaces it with a universalism that prioritizes a myriad of causes over the needs of the people to which he was born. Ben and Jerry, like Ken Roth and even Randi Weingarten, are examples of people using “Jewishness” to condemn and delegitimize Israel and the Jewish people itself. Most often those who dismiss Jewish survival and hypercriticize Israel do so against America as well.

Quite often, they, like Lenin, are protected and insulated Marxists with a life of economic luxury who inhere a Marxist über alles attitude. They worship a god different from what most of us worship and display the virtue-signaling and selfrighteousness reflective of a lack of noble character. They claim to be grand humanitarians when, in fact, they are selfish and so self-obsessed that they care not about those they are destroying. We have too often throughout Jewish history seen these enemies from within. May this evil melt like ice cream in the sun.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of the Conference of Jewish Affairs and author of Push Back: The Battle to Save America’s Judeo- Christian Heritage.

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