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Wheeler County Traverse Jurors to Report

The following Traverse Jurors were drawn for the January 2021 Recessed Term of Wheeler Superior Court. These jurors are to report to the Wheeler County Service Center, 16 W. Forest Avenue, Alamo, Georgia, on Monday, July 26. They are reminded to call the Clerk’s office after 2 p.m. on July 25 for important reporting instructions by automated message. Jurors may be excused from reporting if all cases are disposed or continued.

The following jurors are to report at 9:00 A. M.: Mary Lou Bailey, Judy Ann Beasley, Charles Wayne Bridges, Tinesha Desha Burns, Sterling Devion Carter, Joseph Clay Connell, Jamie Diane Elizabeth Clark, Tahira Ceonte Dinkins, Charles Dennis Elder, Debra Joyce Fountain, Betty Ann Fulton, Ashley Dawn Heath, David J. Holloway, Joy Denise Johnson, Stephen Wesley Keen, Martha Jane Livingston, Jacqueline Denise Mellen, Pamela Bright Mitchell, Barbara Renell Myrick, Beverly C. Purvis, Connie C. Travis, Lynn Marie Wessinger, Wesley Ray Yawn, Jr., and Dafaney Lynn White;

The following jurors are to report at 10:30 A. M.: Alicia Anne Ashley, Gregory Jerome Harris, Fara Kandis Frost, Claude Lee Harris, Robert Daniel Jones, Edward Eugene Andrews, Cassandra Howell Clark, Nancy Scott Poole, Dale Wayne Pickle, Vernon Wesley Hartley, Jr., Anthony L. White, Macey Caroline Nester, Kenneth Dwain Bell, II, Jerry Lee Bright, Teresa Adams Clifton, Dave Poole, Lydia B. Thomas, Mary Payton Moore, Russell Dillon Brown, Sr., Natalie Michelle Camp, Morgan Ennis Gunby, Jayne H. Poole, Brandon Jarrell Little, and Kenneth W. Rutherford; The following jurors are to report at 1:00 P. M.: Erick Deon Rivers, Justin Ryan Little, Gary Warren Allen, Eddie Dean Mathis, William Carlton Dennis, Lisa Ennis Spell, Maria Patricia Ford, Carrie Tanner Rodriguez, Wanda Jean Bryant, Haley Carey, Shannon Atiles Jones, Sebrina Renee Brown, Judy Lawson Lawrence, Latrenda Shanan Herbert, Barbara Frailey Collins, Joseph Bartow Angelo Crowe, Ramsey Penegar, Donell Kates, Everett Allen Lynn, Jr., Drucilla Bryant Doughty, Lloyd Perry Avery, Sr., Erica Holland Harrelson, Janyia Brianna Bryant, and Kiara Monche’l Day;

The following jurors are to report at 2:30 P. M.: Tyanna Alexsia James, Donna Lee Wynn, Harold Noonan Petty, Kayla Nicole McCarty, Albert Kennie, Kerry Duwayne Anderson, Latosha Michelle Peters, Gwendolyn D. King, Joseph Noah Smith, Carla Adams Graham, Geneva Graham, Jasmine Skye Koper, Gregory Earnest Seabolt, Brandon Ali Mackey, Jaquan Tyrese Coates, James Markie Hudson, Jr., Jesseca Stokes Campbell, Linda McDuffie Harvey, Giancarlos V. Mancini, Richard Curtiss McRae, Johnny Lynn Towns, Leslie Claire Browning, Deasia Twanae Mackey and Chrystine Louise Tuyrner;

The following jurors are to report at 4:00 P. M.: Pamela Marie Evans, Amanda Powell Fountain, Betty Ruth Walls, Isis V. Branch, Melinda Elizabeth Hendricks, Sarbelio Villatoro-Gomez, Justin Wayne Kilpatrick, April Cherie Poe, Jodi Lynn Horne, Mary Linda McArthur, Justin Hiles Henry, Marsha Lynn Morris, Shyrelyn P Kates, Dixie Lynn Poole, Alex Ryan Clark, Marylyn Horne, Brandi Leigh McCrimmon, Russell Dillon Brown, Jr., Mattie Lee Nowling, Andrea Grace Towns, JoAnn Scott Fulford, Veronica Inez Mendoza, Zan Joyce Yarbrough, and David Lee Johnekins.

You have been summoned to appear and potentially serve your community on the traverse jury. Traverse juries play a vital role in the court system. Failure to appear as directed may subject you to contempt of court penalties.

If you or anyone in your household are infected with COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID- 19, or are in quarantine due to exposure to a person with COVID-19, then contact your Clerk of Court at 912-568-7137. You should also notify the Clerk of Court if you are a member of an immunecompromised population (or are living with someone who is immune-compromised), or have small children but lack child care due to COVID-19.

You should also contact your Clerk of Court if you:

• no longer reside in

Wheeler County, or

• are a convicted felon

and your civil rights have not been restored, or

• are not a citizen of

the United States, or

• will be engaged in

work necessary to public health/safety and no replacements are available to fill the position during this term of jury duty, or • are 70 years of age

or older and request permanent removal from the jury list of Wheeler County, or • are a full time stu dent enrolled and taking classes or exams on the dates indicated in the jury summons, or

• are the primary care giver having active care and custody of a child six (6) years of age or younger and have no reasonably alternative child care, or • are the primary un paid caregiver for a person over the age of six (6) with such physical or cognitive limitations, or

• are a primary teacher

in a home school program, as defined by OCGA 202-690(C) with no reasonable alternative arrangements for continuing the home school program [and your classes are currently in session], or • are on ordered mili tary duty or your spouse is, or

• are physically/men tally unable to serve as a juror (physician’s certificate required), or • have already served

as a juror within the last 12 months, or

• have another request

for deferral. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. §15-12-10, if “any person is duly summoned to appear as a trial or grand juror at court and neglects or refuses to appear, or if any juror absents himself or herself without leave of the court, such neglect, refusal, or absence may, after notice and hearing, be punished as contempt of court”. Said person could be sentenced to up to 20 days in jail and incur a fine of up to $1,000.00, at the discretion of the presiding judge.

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