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To Acute Care Center and PA Daniel Dasher,

Thank You

This is a letter to thank some wonderful people. I do not live here but my sister does, and I come to visit often. In March when I came, I began having pains in my neck and back, and I was not walking too well at this time. My sister took me to the Acute Care Center here in Vidalia.

At the Center I was lucky enough to meet and be treated by a staff that really cares about people and the health problems they are having. I know God is well pleased with this staff. It was such a wonderful feeling to be shown the respect and care of this staff, to be given so much of their time. They were willing to talk to me, and most of all they listened to what I had to say about my problem. They worked to fix my problem or at least to find out what it was. They were willing to find someone to help me if they could not.

My caring God chose to send the most wonderful PA I have ever had the privilege of meeting or being assessed by to help me understand that there are some wonderful caring people in this world who take pride in their work. They are not ashamed of bringing God into all situations and to praise Him.

PA Daniel Dasher worked to assess my problems. He checked his findings and gave me help that I needed to get better. He also gave me good advice about my health. I will forever admire, praise and recommend this wonderful staff and the Acute Care Center. Gail Reed

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