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Ode to Oxford and Donald


Dear Editor, This letter is an ode to Oxford and Donald.

Donald graduated from Toombs Central in 1986 when it was a high school in the dark ages and at that time Oxford was probably the largest employer in Toombs County. Some may even remember those ancient days.

To be kind, Donald, who is a wonderful person but somewhat moderately intellectual, needed a job. Through the auspices of Pineland Mental Health, he was able to get on with Oxford. Pineland asked him where he would like to work, and he knew his neighbor worked at Oxford and reasoned if something happened he could ride to work with her, so he chose Oxford.

He went to work with Oxford and after a short period noticed he was treated different than other employees, not bad, but probably as a temporary, rather than a regular employee.

He asked his super could he be an employee like everyone else. The super, who is still there this day, replied, “Will let you know,” and he was put on as a regular employee and has now worked there 31 years.

He cares for his bedridden mother and every now and then has to leave work to see about her. Oxford will often let an employee go with him to help.

This is a rich story of good where virtue prevails. Not for reward but altruism, good for good in itself. To know this story is like a wave that rushes over us and cleanses our minds and souls. We believe this is what the Gods intended.

There was a black man who was being arrested for a crime, the cameras were there and he with voice full of emotion said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Oxford and Donald got along.

Duston Tapley Vidalia, GA

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