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Disappointed in Election Results, But Hopeful

Editor, It has been said that opinions are a dime a dozen, everyone has one, and I am no exception. What has happened recently in our country is beyond me. I still think there was voter fraud in the general election. Some may say that I am being a sore loser because my candidate did not win. I only know what I saw and heard while waiting in line to vote.

The man in front of me was talking on the phone while we were waiting in line. The volume of his voice made it impossible not to overhear his conversation. He was talking to someone and telling them that convicted felons could vote, and that they just needed to get registered. That surprised me because there are steps a convicted felon has to take to have his/ her voting rights restored, but that was not the only I was shocked to hear. He and I gave over our licenses to the poll worker at the same time as requested. When she brought them back to us, I heard her tell the man that he had already requested an absentee ballot. Why would he show up to vote in person if he already had an absentee ballot? He was given some paper to sign, and he still voted in front of me. Who checked to make sure he did not vote twice? How many times did this same scenario play out throughout our state? I proudly admit I worked calling people and sending out personally written postcards for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue before the run-off. Most of the people I spoke to on my small list from the GOP were for Loeffler and Perdue. I did speak with some people who did not plan on voting because they thought the same shenanigans that went on in November would be repeated. Call me naíve, but I was sure my candidates stood a good chance of winning. Needless to say, I was disappointed in the results. I found it hard to believe there were enough like-minded people who would vote for Warnock and Ossoff. While the outcome was not what I wanted or expected, I was glad to read in the paper that area voters went red. I may be disappointed in the nation and state right now, but I am proud of our local areas.

For those of you who may be feeling like me about the upcoming socialist agendas and policies of these newly elected leaders, we must remember God is sovereign. He is still in control! Our land may be divided at this time. We are a stiff-necked people much like those in the Bible days, and I am afraid our country is going to have more trials and tribulations as the years move forward, unless there is a mass awakening and return to the God of our land. I encourage all of us to pray fervently for our leaders whether or not we agree with them. We must trust in the Lord, not mere man. Rest assured God will hear our prayers and act according to His will. Let it be so! Lisa Parker

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