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Henriot Represents UGA And Self Well

Kudos to young Bryson Henriot, a sophomore at Georgia who represented his school and himself well when he was interviewed by the Atlanta Jounal Constitution recently. The frontpage AJC article, ably written by Eric Sturgess was headlined 'Georgia's Colleges Prepare For A Vastly Different Semester.' It was an investigation into what and how college students and the colleges themselves in Georgia are handling going back to instate schools. Most private schools, like Agnes Scott, Morehouse, and Spelman, in the state are handling school differently, with most classes being offered online.

A photo from Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville of an on-campus window painted with “Wash your Paws” also featured pics and comments from four students, three seniors and one sophomore, all from the University System of Georgia.

Bryson was the only male student and also the youngest among the students interviewed for the article.

The other students were all seniors, Sarah Demsky of Georgia Tech, Harsha Vinoy of Georgia Gwinnett College, and Eliseva Wemberly, of Georgia State University.

Bryson, who graduated from Vidalia Heritage Academy a little over a year ago, attends the flagship institution of the system, the University of Georgia.

All of the students had differing answers, but also expressed similar concerns about their safety.

Bryson’s answer was thoughtful, expressing a desire to go back to campus yet also laying out his concerns.

“I want to go back to campus, to go back to class, go back to friends, and go back to organizations. But at the same time, we have to understand safety is our top priority. I just want the University System of Georgia as a whole to make sure that they’re focused on safety over fiscal policy.”

“I think a lot of students are worried that their schools are more focused on the revenue being brought in compared to their actual safety. No matter how many precautions the universities put in place, if there is a small group of students who do no abide by them, then it can ruin it for everyone; and that’s what I’m afraid of happening.”

Well said, young man.

A Little Covid Get-Away

My wife and I took a little day-trip on Saturday, a little get-away to Savannah. Barbara, of course, is taking two chemotherapies and her immune system isn’t as strong as it should be.

So, we took every precaution we could. We did make it onto the beach at continued from page

Tybee. Instead of going to the more crowded part of the island, though, we went to the little beach at the end of Chatham Avenue.

A sparse, separated crowd made us able to enjoy the couple of hours we were there without worrying about catching the nasty virus.

We also visited The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler. If you’re a history buff, this is a mustdo activity.

The museum features a restored B-17, a P-51 Mustang, and a German Messerschmidt fighter, and a B-24 cockpit in one of its lobbies. There’s an F-4 Phantom, a Vietnam era fighter parked in one corner of the parking lot.

It’s almost too much to see in a day. In fact, we didn’t see it all. I’d been through it all before, but this was Barbara’s first time. If you really explore all of the exhibits, it’ll take you almost 4 hours. We spent about 2 and a half hours of exploration.

It also wasn’t crowded. So if you’re worried about a crowd, this would definitely be a way to spend a virus weekend doing something interesting.

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